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Meet Ines, Volunteer from Germany!

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Volunteer Ines in the kindergarten Volunteer Ines in the kindergarten Voluntario Global

Get to know more about Ines' experience in the kindergarten!

1. Can you introduce yourself?

 My name is Ines and I’m from Germany. I majored in Chemistry and was graduated from university a couple years ago.

2. Why did you choose this project?

When I was in Germany, I volunteered with refugees by helping them to learn German. I wanted to keep volunteering from then on and this is why I’m here. Especially when I’m playing with kids, they look so happy and have fun with just little toys. The energy that they have also makes me feel happy. Besides, I can see the difference between German kindergartens and the one where I volunteer when it comes to the environment. Though German kindergartens might have better playgrounds or toys, I could feel at least the same love and education from teachers at the kindergarten here.

3. Why did you choose Buenos Aires?

I didn’t know much about South America in general. Nobody in my family or my friends have never been to South America, either. Before I came here, I wanted to learn Spanish and South American culture. And so I wanted to challenge myself by volunteering for children in Argentina.

+ What do you expect from this experience

While I stay in Buenos Aires, I want to see the real life of the local people. Not only as a tourist but also as a volunteer, I expect to learn how people live here or what problems they have. Even though it is a bit hard for me to communicate with people in Spanish, I’m willing to break the linguistic or cultural barrier to get to know them better.

4. What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering means doing something good and trying to influence people and community around me in a good way. Through volunteer, I can gain insights into what is important and what should be focused on, all of which would lead me to grow as a person.

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