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Volunteering Means not only to Help, but also to Receive

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Meeting at the radio station Meeting at the radio station Voluntario Global

During this experience of four months where I worked for Voluntario Global, I learnt a lot. I discovered another country, a new culture and was lucky enough to meet people from all over the world.

As a communications assistant, my job was to highlight the association and its work through different media. Parallel to that, I also helped with the children in different projects. The thing I really love about this association is the fact that you can discover the heart of Buenos Aires and not only the tourist’s perspective of this country. Every day, we are going to meet people in neighborhoods completely different from the center. This allows us to open our eyes to the problems present in these poor areas: difficulty accessing water, healthcare, lack of suitable infrastructures and food… and we realize how the association helps with all the projects. We go also to different demonstrations and Milena, Valeria and Samuel (the team) explain to us the claims of the protesters, for what purpose they are manifesting, and what they want. In this way, we rediscover the history of this country and the economic and politic actual situation with the point of view of its inhabitants.

In terms of my professional experience, I’m lucky to be able to help in communications, the area I studied in France for the last 5 years. Besides deepening my skills, I also discovered this discipline in a different country. Furthermore, the team of the association leaves us free to propose ideas, we can involve ourselves and develop our own creativity day after day. For example, one of our creations I really liked is the web series. Tess (my Australian co-worker in the communication team) and me, analyzed how we can improve the image of the association on social media. How can we put forward all the actions of Voluntario Global? How do we explain in a clear way all the projects? We had the idea to create a web series where we would meet all the collaborators, the staff and the funders of kindergartens, orphanages, health centers…working with the association in order to explain the issues, needs of the population and the actions of Voluntario Global for helping them. The team just supervised us to help us to meet the necessary people. We were able to develop our project from the conception of the idea to the creation of videos and the promotion on social media.

With this experience, I enriched my career but also my knowledge of the culture of the country and the inhabitants. I discover people from all over the world, different cultures, traditions and I spoke a lot of languages. Doing volunteering is not only working for free, but it’s a complete experience, unique and rewarding for the world and for yourself.

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