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Written by Sarah Davie
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When I first signed up with Voluntario Global in May, I thought I Voluntario Global was a small organization that helps one or two schools. After getting there, I learned that Voluntario Global is a small organization that helps over 15 communities around Buenos Aires.  

I think the best description I can think of to explain Voluntario Global is an umbrella organization. This is the big cheese that feeds all the mice in need. And this umbrella stretches and provides assistance to schools, homes for children, health centers, soup kitchens, and community gardens. They work directly with community projects, recruit the youth of Buenos Aires, as well as volunteers from all over the world, to educate and empower themselves to make a positive difference for an iconic, important, and disadvantaged city. Voluntario Global is not just a link between volunteers and organizations, Voluntario Global is a community itself. It’s the network with the different communities, volunteers and coordinators, where everyone can learn from each other.

The network started little by little, and right now Voluntario Global connects different communities. It is inspiring to see how the different organizations work, how similar/different the communities are, and the community values are the same: working and thinking together, together we are stronger. The education sector, although some are not focused in formal education, are important to the community. Homes for children and schools provide the necessary childcare that parents cannot provide. Voluntario Global and its community partners give social, emotional support for children and families involved. There are also formal English and educational schools. As a volunteer, you will be able to provide instructional support for teachers and caretakers, and be a role model for children. The community centers are soup kitchens and other supports for people around Buenos Aires. Volunteers and individuals involved with this project get involved with community life. The health care centers have an integral approach on health, society, and culture. Their focus, like many partnered with Voluntario Global, is prevention and wellbeing through education. So far, there is only one sustainable development project: Pacheco Community.

The team at Voluntario is working on expanding to educate and motivate more individuals to make community gardens, and so far Pacheco is very successful. I was able to spend a day at Pacheco, where we started the day learning and discussing the detrimental effects of using chemicals to mass produce food, and social justice issues such as deforestation and Monsanto controlling agriculture. After our class, we had a hands-on learning experience planting some vegetables and clearing areas for new plants. Pacheco is working towards local economic and sustainable development through education. As a volunteer on the media team, I was able to see more than one project while working with Voluntario Global. It was amazing how much they can accomplish, with minimal resources, and even less outside funding. To be a volunteer, you are giving your time, energy, and expertise to help others, because you want to. You want to make a difference.

Voluntario Global promotes with volunteers a practice of exchange that promotes mutual understanding through diversity, equality, and social justice. They welcome feedback and honesty with open arms, because they know that every person’s intention is to collaborate to make the community programs, and the planet, a better place for everyone. Every experience will be different, because we are all different. Voluntario Global taught me that it is possible to do a lot with a little – all you have to do is do what you love with passion. We all bring valuable qualities to the table, and what makes the true difference is what we do with the time and talent that is given to us. This article and video encompasses the inspiration I received from working in Buenos Aires with Voluntario Global. I hope that this article helps bring a little more clarity into the work and connections that Voluntario achieves with a small group of volunteers and coordinators.

Taken from: Omprakash.org

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Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


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