It's Been an Amazing Day!

Written by Laura Hammelsvang
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Laui back in the Kindergarten Laui back in the Kindergarten voluntario Global

My name is Laura, I'm from Denmark and I'm 19 years old. Last year I was a volunteer in one of the kindergartens in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks.


I loved my time as a volunteer and I have been wanting to come back, ever since I left last year. Now I'm backpacking my way through South America and the one thing that's on my mind is to go to Buenos Aires and see my sweet children again. I volunteered in the kindergarten in Suarez, a kindergarten that has the most adorable children and some amazing "seños" (teachers). Since I left I have been following the Voluntario Global site on Facebook and I have seen BIG changes in the kindergarten. When I was there, the kindergarten was under construction and now they have come so far and I couldn't wait to see it by myself. Now the day is finally here, today I went to my kindie.

It's with a very big smile on my face when a arrive at the kindie and see the new floors and walls, it all looks amazing! I'm going to the babies' room and the first girl I see is a familiar face to me. It's one of the children who was also there last year. I remember her as one of the babies and how she was just learning to walk and now she just walks around and does everything by herself. I'm so happy to se her and how big she has grown! 

I'm going into the room where the older children are. Now I really can't stop smiling and I really have to stop myself from crying. I'm seeing so many adorable kids and among these I see 9 of the children I spent so much time with last year. It's an amazing moment and I really wish I could freeze it. 

It was very emotional and sad leaving Buenos Aires last year and I have really been thinking a lot about the children and missed them a lot to. Standing here and seeing them again is such an amazing moment. Seeing that they are all grown so much and they are doing great. Being here and playing with the kids, seeing them smile, it feels just as the same as last time I was here, nothing has changed and it makes me so happy! 

It's really sad to leave again, I honestly just wanna stay and play with the kids. But it's been an amazing day! 

I really want to encourage all former volunteers to go back to their kindies. Seeing the kids again, is a moment that's impossible to describe. I have nothing but good memories from my kindie and seeing them all again just amplified that feeling. 

So if you have the chance to go back, do it!

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