Italy is here, with the Workers

Written by Riccardo Antonucci
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Italian volunteer Riccardo with the ladies of La Boca Italian volunteer Riccardo with the ladies of La Boca Voluntario Global

It is a great opportunity to experience social phenomena from the perspective the radios offer me.


These weeks are going to be particularly intense and productive: on the 7th of August there is the workers’ march from the Congress to Plaza de Mayo, in which also the barrio La Boca is going to participate with its political organizations and, obviously, the radio. The whole week was spent to organize the march and I am going to be there with the radio station in La Boca.


After been part of the team both in the olla popular and in the acampe at the Obelisco, I got used to be right in the middle of the action, but I must say it is always an emotion to be so close to people when something important as a march happens. You literally live those workers’ stories on your skin.


My job as part of the production for the radio in La Boca is becoming more intensive, and that is precisely what I wanted. I like to be engaged in something challenging, that makes me prove my abilities and learn more. Luckily, there is always some work to be done.


In Soldati, my work as an international columnist goes on and last Thursday we focused our attention on what is currently happening in Venezuela. It was hard to find relatable news about the topic, but the intense work of the previous days was the key for a correct and deep information.


I really hope to have big news from Monday’s march, now I just have to live the moment and be part of the event.


Italy is here, with the workers.

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