Interview with Freya: Psychology Intern in Buenos Aires

Written by Marin Cloix
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The Voluntario Global communication interviewed volunteer Freya, from Germany, who is volunteering as a psychology assistant for four months in the Health Center in La Boca.

Hello, Freya, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Freya, I'm 24, I come from Germany, studying psychology. I wanted to do an internship in this area and this is why I volunteered with Voluntario Global in a health center.

Why did you choose Argentina?

I already lived here 1 year at the end of high school. It was also for a volunteering work in a health center. I really loved Buenos Aires and wanted to come back for my studies, but it didn't work out. This is why, after finishing my term, I chose to do an internship here with Voluntario Global.

Can you talk a few your duties here, what do you usually do?

We have various activities here. There are several psychological trainees here who have some classes. So I’m participating in those courses. There are also workshops where people can talk about their lives, their problems and share what they want. I have for example a small group of 4 people on Friday morning. I love working with them!

Moreover, the center has several groups of workers such as medicine, young mothers, psychology... I participate at two of these groups, one of which is for the young mothers with a one or two years baby. They talk about their experiences and issues and we are here to help them and find solutions to their problems.

Do you like what you do here, is it difficult sometimes?

Yes, I really like it! At the beginning, it was a little bit hard to participate in the sessions because I didn’t know so much the people and when you do psychology, you have to know them well in order to be able to give advice. However, it has been one month and a half that I’m here, so I begin to know the people better and can now participate more.

In addition, it is also really interesting to compare how psychology works here compared to Germany, see the differences, the methods… So yeah I’m really enjoying my work!

What are your plans for the future?

After my period of volunteering at Voluntario Global I will come back to Germany where I'm about to finish my studies. I participate in another volunteering experience working with migrants in my country, helping them with the paperwork, to help them know Germany better. I think I will more likely to work in social work in the future. Why not here in Argentina!

Thank you very much, Freya, for being with us! 

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