Interview with Rosanna: Volunteering in the Kindergarten

Written by Charlotte Burnap
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Rosanna volunteering at the Kindergarten in Buenos Aires. Rosanna volunteering at the Kindergarten in Buenos Aires. Voluntario Global

This morning I caught a train from Retiro to José Leon Suarez to visit Rosanna at a kindergarten where she is lending a hand, here is what I discovered about Rosanna.



Hola Rosanna! Thank you for joining us today, can we begin by you telling us your age and where you’re from?

Yes! Of course, I am 21 and I am from Essex in England.

What made you want to volunteer at Voluntario Global?

As part of my university degree, I am required to take a year out and I didn’t want to spent it just studying. I wanted to find a volunteer project and I knew that I’d always wanted to come to Buenos Aires, so I began looking and found the wonderful cause that is Voluntario Global. I get to work with children which is something I’ve always been interested in.

Fantastic! What do you study back in the UK?

I study English Literature with Spanish on the side, which has helped me hugely since I’ve been here. I’ve struggled with the accent a little but I’ve been developing the language since arriving.

So, we’re currently at the Kindergarten, what is a typical day for you?

I wake up around 7am each day and catch the train around 8am, depending on buses, I arrive around 9:15am. When I arrive at Kindergarten I go straight into the room with the small children, “the baby room”. and I get to look after and play with the babies. The children come out at midday to have their lunch, we draw together, dance together, play outside, the activities are endless, really! After lunch, the children go to sleep and I leave at about 1pm each day.

What are the age ranges here?

The age of the children ranges from 8 months to a year in “the baby room”, which is where I spend most of my time, and then the oldest can span up to 5 years.

What will you take away from your experience?

I have been able to develop my spanish, which has been really great for me. I have experienced how child care works in a different part of the world and in a different culture. It’s been a really enriching experience for me, and really humbling. The children’s parents don’t have to pay anything to come here, or if they do, it isn’t much as it’s based on their family's income. This is something that is really different, as in the UK childcare is very expensive.

How long have you been here?

I have been here since the 4th February and I’m here until the 27th May.

Where are you staying/living here in Buenos Aires?

I’m staying in the hostel which Voluntario Global provides, which has been really great. It’s right in the heart of the city and there is always something to do.

What do you do in your spare time?  

I explore the city, I love to visit museums, I joined a website called “conversation exchange”. This is a website where i meet up with locals and get to practice my spanish. It’s really nice, I have a friend that I meet up with once or twice a week, she knows all of the great coffee shops so it’s awesome to get a locals perspective.

Amazing! What surprised you about Buenos Aires when you first arrived?

How expensive it is! Just everything. I wasn’t really expecting it, so if you do come to to Volunteer, make sure that you’ve saved up enough money, the prices are similar to London. Other than that, I find that the locals are really friendly, there have been a number of times where I’ve been in a shop, struggling with my spanish, and the locals try and help me. You just don’t get that in England!

Thank you so much for joining us Rosanna, you’ve been such a great help! What are your plans when you return back to the UK?

No problem, it’s been such an amazing and enriching experience. When I return back to the UK, I will return to my studies in September. In between that, I will visit some family down in Cornwall, and I have a few friends in various places in Europe on their year abroad, so it’ll be great to visit them. All in all, Argentina has been incredible and I would urge anyone looking for a volunteer scheme to look into Voluntario Global and see how you can use your skills to support a brilliant cause.

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