Visiting an Argentinian Home for Children: A British Person’s Perspective

Written by Eleanor Confrey
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At 22, working for Voluntario Global is my first ever volunteering experience, and along with it came my first chance to ever visit a home for children. I had no idea what to expect. How large the place would be, how many children would be there, what kind of area it would be situated.

However, we were lucky, as the day we visited was Jiyan’s last day of volunteering (another volunteer from Germany). All of the children were generally in high spirits as she gave out little mementos to each child so they could remember their time with her.

I wasn’t expecting such a brilliant and vibrant energy when we first entered the home, but for sure, it was there. Some of the children faced some angry feelings at times, which of course, is to be expected, but the 18 or so children that live there, from ages 3 to 13 were all undoubtedly one large support network for one another : one large family.

Another thing that surprised me was, was how welcoming all of the children were, as soon as we were through the doors, kisses were given and hands instantly grabbed to be taken to go to talk and play outside.

As someone who doesn’t normally have much contact with any children ever at home, this experience was enriching, especially as we went on to learn a little more about each child's background.

My appalling spanish was even improved, as the children spoke more slowly, repeated most of the words they used, and have less vocabulary than their elder peers.

I’m hoping to go a visit the home once again soon, so I can see all of those smiling faces!

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