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Written by Howard Coan
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Getting the train for the first time in Buenos Aires, I wasn’t sure what to expect. One of the great things about Buenos Aires is that public transport is cheap, and not as complicated as it looks!

After arriving at Ciudadela, a small city in Greater Buenos Aires, it was still hot at 5pm. After the short walk, I was introduced to the project and who I would be working with. It’s a small institute in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and there are not many native teachers.

It’s so good that students have the opportunity to speak with native English speakers. Not many Argentinians leave the country. Being able to speak with native speakers enables children to learn different expressions, practice and learn about other cultural differences or things like differences in UK and US English. It also enables those without much classroom experience to interact with the children, play different games with them and help them with various exercises and grammatical structures.

I have only volunteered at this project for two days but I already love it!

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