Wishing one of our Own Farewell - Meet Rocio!

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Over the last two years, Rocio Belen Gonzalez Vasquez, has been a vital part of the team at Voluntario Global. Rocio says that like many things “the team is also a family,” and she has thoroughly enjoyed working with Voluntario Global. She says, “I love getting to know all who are involved with the projects and meeting volunteers from all over the world.”

Dedicated to both her education and career she is reminded of her idol, her mother. Her mother went back to college after she had started a family. She worked during the day, went to school at night, and still had time to be a supportive parent. Remembering cartoon from her childhood, where the main character had a watch that could stop time, she smiles and says, “That would be a great superpower because you never have enough time to do everything!” But with or without superhero powers, Rocio is determined to accomplish her goals and make her mother proud.

Currently, Rocio is studying for a Master’s degree in social policies. She hopes to get a position in the Argentinean government. From a young age, Rocio was inspired to raise awareness about real issues of both the past and present. Although she loves working with NGOs like Voluntario Global, her dream job is to work in the Educacion y Memoria program with the Ministerio de Educacion, training children to become human rights defenders and promoters.

Rocio does want to travel more whether or not she gets a government job. “Traveling is great, you learn so much about yourself,” she says reflecting on her first trip abroad to England. She’ll also continue to play sports and watch Argentinean films when she’s not on-the-clock. She says, “I love to play sports ever since I was a little girl… And I love Argentinean films, I like the stories they tell about real people.” Some of her suggestions include “Andres No Quiere Dormir La Siesta” and “Kamchatka.” 

Her advice for the new coordinator Milena is to enjoy it, “It’s a cool job and the team you work with is amazing.” For the new volunteers she says, “It can be tough at first living somewhere new, but take advantage of opportunities. Let go of the fear!” Carpe diem Rocio!

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