Communications Internship experience in Buenos Aires

Written by Lisa Andersen
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Leaving my apartment that rainy Wednesday afternoon, I was thinking how quickly three months actually go by. I was on my way to the airport, headed for Buenos Aires, where my internship was due to begin the following Monday. However, looking back at those three months that have now passed, it feels like ages since I arrived. I have experiences so much, and everything single experience seems so significant. Mainly because of the people I have met in Voluntario Global’s apartment where I stayed. It is a great place to stay, a place where you are guaranteed to meet new people, and where you will always find someone to talk to.

But this trip was not all about making friends and having a good time. It was a part of my master-studies, my internship. Before leaving, I tried to prepare for the experience by reading other students’ testimonials, and this had given me a general idea about what not to expect. However, the question of what was waiting and why I needed it still seemed to elude me. I was looking forward to learning about an NGO and which insights the practitioners of my field of study would be able to show me. I expected to have my eyes opened to another world, the way that also makes you reflect upon your own. Whereas there were lots of those moments, I now feel that the less exciting tasks were what taught me the most about working within the field of communication and being part of a team. Thanks to my coordinator, Mayra, I quickly realized how important those little tasks are, and how nothing will function, if they are not followed up on. She also explained how to analyse statistics and adjust tasks to the new information. These work-related insights were new to me and will without a doubt become beneficial once I finish my studies.

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