Celine's First Week as a Volunteer!

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Just arrived in Buenos Aires, I went directly to meet the team of Voluntario Global in their office. Even though I arrived late, they welcomed me with open hearts.

After a lot of exchange via emails and messages, I finally met Milena, Samuel and Valeria in person! The introductory meeting allowed me present myself, and to discuss about the association and my role as part of the communication team. As soon as I arrived, I’m quickly surrounded! 

The first meeting to start working was the next morning for support Veena et Jasper, two new volunteers, in a kindergarten. Veena is with the children and Jasper cooks. We discovered the place together and I'm getting ready to take pictures for publication on the website and social media. Veena talks with the staff who give her advise while Jasper discover the kitchen and, finally, we met the children! The next day, I have a meeting in a kindergarten too, but this time with Katrin. After taking the subway, the bus and the train we arrived. We discovered a new part of Buenos Aires, a more disadvantaged neighborhood.


Always armed with my camera, I try to capture the moments with the children while playing with them. They were very interested in the camera, so they tried it… real little photographers! This morning was very intense because these children need a lot of attention and we are in a totally different place than in the center of the city. It’s very interesting to discover this part of Buenos Aires and to share these moments with the children. At the end of the third day, I’m very happy about the mission that I realize. I will see all the projects and will participate and promote them with the pictures and the videos… On Friday, it’s the day of our meeting with the communication team. We were able to brief each other with Milena and we called Jesica, the co-founder of the association. We exchange and I can freely give my ideas. At the end of the week, I felt relieved and well surrounded. My role is very good and I’m happy to be part of the association and thanks to the different projects we can discover different faces of the city. In fact, thanks to Voluntario Global we discover the heart of Buenos Aires, it's many cultures, the problems they might have had and we participate in the solutions that were implemented by the organization.

All the things that I expected in coming here!

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