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Ian's experience in the soupkitchen before COVID-19

Ian's experience in the soupkitchen before COVID-19

Ian shared with us his experience at the soup kitchen with the COVID-19 interruption.

Marche Fédérale pour le Pain et le Travail

Marche fédéral pour « Pain et Travail »

Ce vendredi, 1er juin 2018, tous les volontaires et moi avons rendez-vous avec l’équipe de l’association et les membres de…

Katherine in the Kindergarten

A Day in Pacheco

It was only my third day in Buenos Aires, and I'd been lucky enough to join the Voluntario Global coordinators…

Buenos Aires street art

Week #1 in Buenos Aires

It marks a week of being in Argentina and with the temperatures rising, my curiosity about the city of Buenos…

Sustainability, a topic that concern us all.

Sustainability not only comes with being part of a sustainable garden, building awareness is a big part of the job…


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Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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