It's Santiago

Written by Mario Coccaro
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It's Santiago It's Santiago Voluntario Global

It’s Santiago. The pain is endless and together as society we’ll have to get through grief and loss.

But this should also feed our deepest feelings and all the actions we can take to ask for TRUTH and JUSTICE. We have to do this for Santiago, for his family, and for ourselves, so this happens NEVER AGAIN.

We have already too many young people dead, murdered by the armed forces and the power. So power should learn —sooner or later— that the Law applies to everyone, not just a few, and we should all respect it.

If the Law were respected, we should not have men and women dying because they are defending their rights or helping those who don’t have a voice. We need us all alive to make this a better country.


With grief, Mario*.

*Mario is director of one of the schools part of our Network of Organizations and he wanted to share his feelings about Santiago with all of us. Thank you, Mario.

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