Assistant of Psychology in Health Center

Program Description

Public Health centers work in relation to area hospitals of high complexity and provide basic health care and prevention of certain aerial action. To be public welcome address to anyone for free. However, pay special attention to the most vulnerable such as women and children through their doctors and social workers population. The Health Center and Community Action No. 9 (CESAC) is located in the neighborhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires. This health center has several specialties (dermatologists, orthopedists, gynecologists, dentists, etc) but give special importance to the work of prevention and health promotion in the neighborhood, so doctors made a strong work with the community and have a multidisciplinary team that travels the neighborhood and visit patients in their homes. The area of psychology has a wide range of activities: visits, admissions, training, workshops with community spaces for children. As team members also participate in the group that performs traveled around the neighborhood.

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Volunteer's Tasks

  • Participate in the training for professionals at the health center (examples of themes: Public Health, Clinical Psychoanalytic Clinic of Children) 
  • Participate in talks open to the community (examples: Attention for Pregnant Woman) 
  • Participate in meetings of the mental health team. 
  • Collaborate in the realization of Admissions. 
  • Participate in meetings and outings to the neighborhood of the interdisciplinary team. 
  • If the volunteer is interested, they can collaborate in the play and Reading room.


Working hours will be evaluated by each volunteer and coordinator (no more than 20 hours per week). Project available between April and November.

Local Coordination

Alcira is the local coordinator for psychology. She welcomes volunteers and follows them from their experience. It will provide the volunteer with all the information and work with you .

Spanish Level Required

Advanced (C1- C2)

Minimum Stay

8 weeks

Key Information

The academic level of the volunteer must belong to the areas of psychology or social work, as well as an advanced level of Spanish. Preferably with experience in the area to discuss relevant issues.

Location and first day at work

The health centre is located in La Boca, about 30 minutes in public transport from the Volunteer’s House. On your first day, you visit the Institution accompanied by the volunteers’ coordinator so you learn how to get there and be aware of the facilities and staff. Then you have a meeting with the director in order to arrange a precise schedule and activities.

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