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Written by Olivia Puddicombe
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This Friday Voluntario Global hosted a fundraising event for one of our projects .  The event was a benefit concert organized by ‘Music Is My Sanctuary’.  I had attended the previous fundraiser which was during my first week in Argentina back in September and I had absolutely loved it.  It was alot more fun than any fundraisers I had ever been to back home and showed me a great way to raise money and have a good time - through music.  So I had widely promoted this next one to my friends.  Part of me thought that maybe my newness to Buenos Aires was the reason that I had enjoyed the last one so much.  But I was wrong, this fundraiser was just as fantastic as the first if not better

It was hosted in a different, bigger location which changed the atmosphere of the event; people were able to dance and did so all night long.  The music was mostly great, minus a rather bizarre middle-aged English duo – they did my country no favours amongst the avid music fans beside providing comic amusement!  Some bands had performed at the previous fundraiser but there were new ones there aswell, including a great band called The TenSixties who took full advantage of the fact that it was Halloween on Sunday and took to the stage in varying degrees of costume!  My favourite band from last time, Mala Macumba, was the final act and they were just as good second time round.  Some musicians took part in more than one performance and all supported and enjoyed each others music which was great to see.

Everyone that came seemed to be having a great time especially as the evening cost a mere 10 pesos - all of which went to the project.  The event raised a total of 560 pesos which was great.  The money is going to be used for building repairs in the orphanage - mending the walls and replacing the plumbing.  These improvements are so badly needed in order to continue providing a safe and comfortable home for the children.  It is rewarding to know that the money we raised is going to be used in such an important way - you almost feel guilty that we had so much fun raising it!

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