Will Argentina be the third Latin American country to legalize abortion?

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Demonstration claiming for abortion in Buenos Aires Demonstration claiming for abortion in Buenos Aires Yena Jo

After several weeks of debate, tomorrow the Argentinean Parliament is going to vote on abortion legislation.

Today, IVG is only allowed in cases of rape, danger to the health of the pregnant woman or malformation of the fetus. Will Argentina be the third Latin American country to legalize abortion? (Cuba in 1965 - Uruguay in 2012). For 13 years, the movement to legalise abortion continues to grow in Argentina. At all events, the green scarves, a symbol of the struggle for the legalization of abortion, are brandished. Last Monday, during the march for women's rights in Buenos Aires, hundreds of thousands of people marched. The streets were swarming with people from Avenida de Mayo to Congresso singing « aborto legal, en el hospital »throughout the city. The movement « Ni una menos » (Not one less) was the catalyst of this event and for good reason. It fights against violence against women and for the right to abortion. During the march, the members of the movement said "We demand the right to access material economic and health conditions to decide whether or not we want to become mothers. » According to the data of the Ministry of Health, in Argentina there are about 460,000 women who undergo an abortion every year, while 600,000 risk their lives undergoing an illegal and underground abortion.

Faced with this massive public support, President Mauricio Macri will open a debate on abortion in Parliament on March 6th which will review the current legislation. A law proposing the right to a legal abortion up to 14 weeks before birth has been filed seven times. Now, it is in the hands of Parliament. It takes a majority of 128 votes to pass the law to legalise abortion. Tomorrow, the activists plan to meet in front of the congress of Buenos Aires, where a parliamentary session is scheduled for severalhours in order to get a result. The Senate, which is more conservative, will only vote in August if the bill is approved. The fight is far from over, but it is moving forward.


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