On the couch with Samuel, Admin Coordinator for Voluntario Global

Written by Charlotte Burnap
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Samuel, Coordinator of Administration Samuel, Coordinator of Administration Voluntario Global

Ellie and I have chosen to interview some of the brilliant people that work for Voluntario Global and help give future volunteers an insight into their background and what volunteering means to them.

Hi Samuel, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Samuel, I am 26 years old, I’m from Azul (Buenos Aires Province), and I am the coordinator of administration here at Voluntario Global. I have been working with the NGO for about 2 months so far and I absolutely love it. A cousin of mine worked here a couple of years ago and recommended that I apply for a job and here I am! I have also known Valeria, the founder of the NGO, for quite some time as well, so I always knew about the projects and was delighted that a position was open.

Are you studying anything?

Yes! I am studying Art Therapy, which is basically healing through the arts. I am also studying Psychomotricity

Does the work you do at Voluntario Global help you with your studies at all?

Yes, in fact it does. When I first visited the children’s home, one of Voluntario Global’s projects, I realised how much I would be interacting with the children and this was great for me as this is related to my studies and it’s something that I love doing. It’s been extremely helpful.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Usually, on a Monday we have new volunteers arriving so Milena and I will give an introductory meeting. Now and then we have a meeting with Valeria, the founder. A normal day would be similar. My job depends on being in touch with a lot of people, organisations, co-ordinators for the spanish lessons, the residence, etc.

Would you continue working for an NGO after your studies?

Yes, definitely. I am actually already working for another NGO in the South of Buenos Aires.

Why is volunteering important to you?

I have a split mind about volunteering. As usually if you are volunteering for something, it means that somebody needs your help, but on the other hand; that help should be provided from the government. If you need volunteers, it means that somebody is not doing their job right, it is important to fill that hole, but it’s also important to know why the hole is like that. It’s important to think about why you do what you do.

How does Voluntario Global help the communities?

I think that the main help that Voluntario Global offers is the conscience and the idea of community work. Through Voluntario Global, people get to know many other people and organisations that work in the same way, which is beneficial to both parties.

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