A New Home for Volunteers in Buenos Aires

Written by Jiyan Erdogan
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Last year, we said goodbye to our Volunteer House on Avenida de Mayo. But 2017 welcomes a new space for volunteers to enjoy their stay in the fabulous city of Buenos Aires: our partner Volunteer Residence.

This new space is located in the very heart of the city, and there are many places you can visit around. This new home is located in Calle Viamonte, two blocks away from the famous Avenida 9 de Julio —the widest avenue in the world, according to argentinians—. This avenue is full of shops, cafes and restaurants, and it also where the main touristic symbol of Argentina is located: The Obelisco, a huge historic monument that represents the foundation of Buenos Aires. and symbol of Buenos Aires.

If you head the other way, you will end up in Florida Street in Buenos Aires, the main shopping street in the city. This Street is fully pedestrian and it offers many shops and boutiques but also some cafes, restaurants and street musicians.

Florida street changes its name when it reaches Avenida Rivadavia, where all streets change their names, and it become Calle Peru. If you keep walking, you will get to Avenida de Mayo, where you'll see Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada and the market of San Telmo, which you can visit every weekend. This market offers everything you need! It is a real tourist magnet because of its great atmosphere, food and music. What you should try there is the great parilla – Argentinian barbecue – which you can’t miss by waking through the market! San Telmo is also a good place to visit during the week. It is a very beautiful part of Buenos Aires with nice buildings and some great cafes and bars.

If you need a break from the huge city and the crowd of people you can go to the Plaza San Martin. You will find this park at the end of Florida Street, just 5 block away from the Residence. This is a good place for reading a book, enjoying the silence, making a small picnic, listening to music or just having a talk with friends and drinking a coffee.

Another shopping street near to our residence is Avenida Santa Fe.  This street is located to the North of the Avenida 9 de Julio. Besides from shopping you can visit Ateneo Bookstore there. This is a wonderful bookshop which originally was an old theater rebuild in a book shop with a café inside. This is a perfect opportunity for grabbing a book and spending some time reading in an amazing atmosphere.

Last but not least, we are just about two blocks away from the famous Teatro Colón. This is a theater for operas and is one of the five best theaters in the world. There you can just visit the great building or watch a show. Sometimes you can be lucky and visit it for free!

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