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Written by Mei Qi Tan
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Part of living and working in Buenos Aires as a communications volunteer at Voluntario Global means spending a lot of time researching this city. It’s a hard life, I know! But being a gringo in addition to not being able to speak fluent Spanish  does have its difficult moments. For example, being unable to ask a local, or porteño about their favourite places to eat at around town, or having to always rely on Frommers or Lonely Planet to show you which way to the buffet? Enter the Internet, and more specifically, food blogs. Thanks to these passionate, enthusiastic foodies who love nothing more than picking up a camera and documenting good meals around BsAs, I can eat like a porteño in-the-know. In a city renowned for its love of feasting and festivity every night of the week, the food blogs in Buenos Aires also host a blog-roll treasure trove of information on lifestyle and happenings around town. And they are fantastic for hunting down the more elusive of cuisines or dining trends, such as organic, vegetarian or closed door restaurants*. *Closed door restaurants are underground dinner parties usually hosted at someone’s house. Otherwise known as supper clubs, these are often illegal due to the bypassing of licensing laws and food regulation authorities. Buenos Aires has a thriving closed door restaurant scene but shh, you didn’t hear it from me. Here are three of my favourite Buenos Aires food blogs in inglés so far:

  1. Pick up the Fork – A witty food blog by a Buenos Aires expat who also explores the quirky eccentricities of Argentinian lifestyle and habits in her blog, ¿Qué Sé Yo, Argentina?
  2. The Lost Asian – An immaculately designed blog with beautiful pictures and well-written reviews. An absolute pleasure to read.
  3. In Spirits – Drink takes centre stage in this blog highlighting some of the most unique and alcohol-friendly experiences around town

Special mentions Landing Pad BA – A colloquial and useful online resource on lifestyle, events, tips and places to go in Buenos Aires and Argentina. Time out Buenos Aires iPhone app - Nifty and slick location-based app which shows you the best places in eating, shopping, nightlife and sightseeing, wherever you might be in BsAs.

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