Tales from Jujuy - Part II

Written by Michael Curcio
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Now the night was fairly cold, but I was glad for it to be morning to commence my hike to the top. To some extent, I was nervous about whether or not I could do it and just wanted to get on with. So I grabbed me a jug of water, packed up my stuff, hid it, and set out. It was still fairly early, a pretty shortly I realized that it was going to be a good difficult hike. It was steep and the air was thin and the clouds a bit above me, hid the top of the mountain from me. So I had to guess to some extent, and started climbing, taking my time and stopping lots. It was rather rocky and cacti-filled.

There were even a few streams who started in the mountains and came down to the valley below. Keep climbing, keep climbing. By now I was in the clouds, but occasionally they would part to give me a grand view. Plus thar be llamas. And then the clouds part again, and I must be near the top. Yay,  had been climbing for about an hour and a half and was getting pretty darn tired. But when I got near the “top,” there was another one, but it's okay, it's just a bit higher. Keep climbing, and a few more breaks later and you're there, woo, you made it, it was hard but, but, but, there's another top, just a little bit taller. Okay, you tell yourself, just a little bit more, just a little bit taller, then you are done.

I set off again, envying the llamas who make it look so easy. Fine, forget the pain, and climb the rocks. There, down, not going any farther, until I looked over and there was one more, the last one, just a little bit higher. “Nooo!!!!!” I don't care, I've come far enough and I just can't make it... Wait a few seconds, stand up just to make sure it's taller. “God Dammit,” grab my water bottle and, hey look, weird rabbitty chinchilla-like things, cool. Just a little bit more, Michael and then, you are there. And then I was there, and I could see everything. The entire valley on both sides of the ridge and there was a lake, sweet. I sat me down on the top, where there was a rock pile and a concrete slab, man I was not the only one to make it up here. Pulled out my journal and wrote me some notes, including. Dear Self, Good Job!

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