The 5 Best Cafes in Buenos Aires

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Here's a list of the best five cafes in Buenos Aires.

1 Coffee Town

Bolivar 976, Mercado de San Telmo

Whilst immersing yourself in San Telmo market, it’s a must to make a pit stop at Coffee Town for a quick flat white or americano. The also sell pastries and quick lunches,  but it’s a necessity to try one of their home made alfajors, which are delicious (and have become quite an addiction of mine since being in Buenos Aires!). Their professional baristas will prepare the most perfect cup for you, along with some delightful latte art. And on another note, they also have almond milk, for all those lactose intolerant/vegans out there!

Check them out here:

2 Alchemy

Humboldt 1923

So, I know that initially this place looks like an INCREDIBLE ice cream shop from the outside, but don’t be fooled, Alchemy has some of the best coffee I’ve had in BA so far. The innovative design of the café  is creative and oh so unique. This place really is the best of both worlds, you can go for coffee in the morning, a late lunch in the afternoon and maybe a cheeky cocktail in the evening.

Check them out here:

3 Unión Café

Esmeralda 266

If you’re ever swanning around downtown, then ensure you stop for a take away cup of coffee from La Unión. A typical perception of Buenos Aires is that you can’t find good coffee. The owners of the La Unión have set out to change that, with only importing the finest coffee beans, and ensuring that when you visit the cafe you're not just drinking a cup of coffee, you’re fully experiencing it too.

Check them out here:

4 Tea Connection Puerto Madero

Olga Cossettini 1545

Ok, so I know this post predominantly covers coffee, but I just had to add in this delightful tea café for all those Brits reading this! As most Argentinians seem to have only one hot drink choice: mate,  it’s refreshing to see a wide variety of teas at Tea Connection, along with some great choices for brunch in a relaxing atmosphere, you’re sure to be served well when visiting this cafe.

Check them out here:

5 Oui Oui

Nicaragua 6068

If you fancy yourself a little bit of a European - esque afternoon, head down to french inspired, Oui Oui. Their home made baked goods make for a perfect afternoon snack, alongside one of their especially large coffees. Why not spend an afternoon in the sunshine with a good book, people watching and taking in all the beauty that is Palermo.

Check them out here:


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