First March of the Indigenous Women in Buenos Aires

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The March of Indigenous Women took place, on a bright sunny day, in front of the Julio A. Roca monument. Around 1:00 PM, a large crowd of people were there and it continued to grow with the rhythm of drums. The Indigenous Women are part of 36 nations, with the support of their followers by standing with pamphlets with different messages, but with the same idea: the right to a good living.

This was one of the many things they were demanding, as well as human rights and respect of their culture. They established messages like how they want to recover their indigenous names that society has taken/stolen away, that their culture continue for generations just like many big cultures on this planet, the respect and right for their future generations to have an opportunity for great-quality education as any other Argentine citizen, and to take care of the environment. Moira Millan, one of the many in charge of the march, established the right of good living in front the Roca Monument, how many look at him as a villain against the indigenous people.

The respected historian, journalist, and cinematographer, Osvaldo Bayer, declared that the monument is a symbol of genocide against all indigenous nations, and it should be changed to indigenous women. Also, Nora Contiñas de Plaza de Mayo and Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, showed their support in the march. The march took over the Avenida de Mayo street, as people kept joining, until reaching the Argentine congress with their message loud and clear.

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