Volunteer Immersion Online Course

This online course is aimed at helping new volunteers learning about the culture, history and politics of Argentina in order to understand and be better prepared for an experience abroad, in a different context.

  • What volunteering means to us
  • Expectations
  • What volunteering means to us
  • Expectations
  • What volunteering means to us

    We define ourselves as community builders. A community builder supports a community and the individuals who are part of it, discovering what is strong about them and helping to work towards improvement, development and growth. We define ourselves as community builders because we work alongside local organizations as they develop and grow, putting emphasis on the fact that no person is more nor less important than another and that we are all equals working together. Volunteers, coordinators and organizations connect and unite to achieve a common goal in local development.

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  • Expectations

    We at Voluntario Global have proved that much can be done when organizations implement consistent projects. We facilitate a greater understanding between volunteers and locals.

    There are clearly no magical solutions. When there is social inequality and high unemployment, there is often poverty and general misunderstanding between different socioeconomic classes. Nevertheless, it is possible to progress, if everyone is willing to help.  So, if you have come this far, this is a positive beginning already.

    The first task is obvious: to educate, to keep children in school, and to make people believe a better world is not a far off destiny, but something to be built.

    The second task starts right now: to show volunteers that they can be agents of transformation, and they can already teach and promote social change. 


Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina
Email: jfranco@voluntarioglobal.org

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