Sustainability, a topic that concern us all.

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Sustainability not only comes with being part of a sustainable garden, building awareness is a big part of the job too. That's why Voluntario Global decided to join the march against Monsanto, a multinational chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, which is a lead producer of genetically engineered seeds. 

Despite the seriousness of the occasion, the atmosphere was that of an old friends reunion. The bright blue sky and the dazzling sun played hand in hand with the merriment of music and dance. Colourful flags adorned the Plaza which came alive with the buzz of artisanal craftsmen and organic seed producers selling their work, along with a plethora of information stands educating and informing the attendees and any interested passers-by. Kids were kept entertained with a blow-up football pitch, while everyone else danced and stamped along to the beating drum. Valeria and the EcoSocialistasAs the afternoon progressed, more and more people showed up. Microphones were set up around the monument to José de San Martín allowing activists to speak out against Monsanto, and the hordes of people – porteños and foreigners alike – sat down and became the audience for these activists.

Activist for sustainabilityBut this is just the tip of the iceberg, protesters also rallied in many other cities in the world as part of a global ‘March Against Monsanto’. As we said before sustainable development is not only being concerned as individuals but working towards those topics that concern us all as part of a globalized world.

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