Soft Skills Certificate Open-Mindedness

Let’s talk about soft skills: Open-Mindedness

Open-mindedness involves the ability to be open to new ideas, experiences, theories, people, and ways of living. It is also about adopting a fair and respectful attitude towards opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one's own. One of the main factors in this skill is tolerance: being well disposed implies accepting others without judging, negatively criticizing or being unpleasant. 

Steve Sclar

How Covid19 is affecting Social Organizations in Argentina: The Omprakash Foundation

To understand how COVID-19 affects the world, we talked to Steve Sclar, co-director of The Omprakash Foundation

Soft Skills Certificate Stress Management

Let’s talk about soft skills: Stress Management

Learning to manage stress may be one of the most difficult soft skills to develop. Other soft skills can have a positive effect and help to take over stressful situations, such as flexibility or time management. 

Soft Skills Certificate Networking

Let’s talk about soft skills: Networking

Networking is the ability to establish connections with external people or institutions. But it is also about keeping them active to create productive relationships.

Soft Skills Certificate Leadership

Let’s talk about soft skills: Leadership

Leadership is the ability to inspire,  energize, and engage the members of a team towards a common goal. While there are people who seem to be naturally more endowed with leadership features than others, anyone can become a leader by improving some skills...

Soft Skills Certificate Team Work

Let’s talk about soft skills: Team Work

For the last soft skills article, we leave a skill that we consider to be one of the most important: Teamwork

Monocultural industry

The Monocultural Food Industry: Why aren't we eating food?

Today's monoculture generates monocultures. Those monocultures, in turn, can only be produced by the agro-business. This is how businesses are linked in an industry that works in an integrated manner, that is very large and that does not produce thinking about feeding the people, but selling products to them.

Kindergarten in Buenos Aires

Interview with Lena, Volunteer at the Kindergarten

Volunteer Lena, from New Zeland, share with us her volunteering experience in the kindergarten and tells us what she's learned living in the city of Buenos Aires.

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