Subte Estación Piedras

Volunteer Survival Guide: The Subte

While you are volunteering abroad in Buenos Aires, the Subte will be your savior.


Evelyn at Pacheco

The Lessons I Learned while Volunteering Abroad

It has been a year since I got back to Austin from spending about half of my year in Argentina. To say that my experience at Voluntario Global was amazing is not doing it justice.

Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Congreso

Volunteer Survival Guide: The Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

There are many neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and while I have not visited all of them during my time here, I wanted to give some information on the ones I have spent time in based on what I have experienced:

Dónde está Santiago?

Where is Santiago Maldonado? A month without news

After a month without news of Santiago Maldonado, the Argentine people left last Friday to the streets of the city of Buenos Aires to go to a multitudinous protest in front of the Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Argentine government.

Bosques de Palermo

Volunteer Survival Guide: Sundays

When you come to Buenos Aires, something you should definitely know is the rule of Sundays.

Health Center

How to Deal With Getting Sick Abroad

I know getting sick abroad can be annoying and scary, but if you get ill while volunteering in Buenos Aires I promise there is nothing to be afraid of because if you end up needing a doctor, they are great.

Italian volunteer Riccardo with the ladies of La Boca

Italy is here, with the Workers

It is a great opportunity to experience social phenomena from the perspective the radios offer me.


Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires

Fuerza Bruta: The Reality of the Impossible

A man who tries to overcome obstacles that are imposed on the road. A huge swimming pool descends from the roof. Impossible choreographies, dream figures and a lot of good vibes.

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Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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