Selfie in Uruguay

Volunteer Work and Responsible Tourism

What do volunteer work and responsible tourism have in common?

Percussion show in buenos aires

Mondays in Buenos Aires: La Bomba de Tiempo

Somewhat by chance, I learned about La Bomba de Tiempo (hereafter referred to as “LBdT”) online, but the scant mention in an article piqued my interest. I already loved going to live music so naturally, I investigated the show. 

Jessica at the Kindergarten

Jessica's Volunteer Experience in the Kindergarten

Today is Jessica's last day volunteering at the kindergarten.


Dogs enjoying company

What it's like to be part of Voluntario Global

When I first signed up with Voluntario Global in May, I thought I Voluntario Global was a small organization that helps one or two schools. After getting there, I learned that Voluntario Global is a small organization that helps over 15 communities around Buenos Aires.  

It's Santiago

It's Santiago

It’s Santiago. The pain is endless and together as society we’ll have to get through grief and loss.

Laui back in the Kindergarten

It's Been an Amazing Day!

My name is Laura, I'm from Denmark and I'm 19 years old. Last year I was a volunteer in one of the kindergartens in Buenos Aires for 6 weeks.


Volunteer spend the day in Pacheco Community

Volunteer visit to Pacheco Community

Our students at Pacheco Community invited volunteers helping at different projects in Buenos Aires to spend Saturday afternoon with them. 

Network of Organizations October Gathering

Network of Organizations October Gathering

On October 7th, we carried our the 3rd. Encounter of Voluntario Global's Network of Organizations.

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Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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