Kindergarten fundraising

Mission Accomplished!

Thanks to all the support and donations received, we were finally able to help the Kindergarten stay open!

Patagonia Travel in Argentina

Long Weekends from Buenos Aires

After about six weeks in Buenos Aires, I decided to take a break from the big city and head down south to Patagonia before it gets too cold...

Volunteer playing with kids at the kindergarten

Ethical Photography Campaign: Terry's Contribution

#vg_ethicalphotography Contibution by #volunteer Terry

Volunteer Abroad playing in the Nursery

The Projects Episode 1: Community Nursery School

In the first episode meet Mari and Lili, the coordinators of our Community Nursery School project discover the story behind this amazing place!

Sophia and Izzy's Review

Sophia and Izzy's Experience Teaching English

Volunteers Sophia and Izzy tell us about their experience teaching English in Buenos Aires.

Volunteer Abroad playing in the Nursery

The Projects Episode 2: Teaching English as a Second Language

This English school's founder, Silvia, worked with Voluntario Global to create a cooperative that gives older students the opportunity to become teachers themselves, with the help of volunteers.

Volunteer Abroad in a Health Center

The Projects Episode 3: Health Promotion and Prevention Center

"Health is something that is built between all." Meet Fernando and hear the story behind this health center.

Volunteer Abroad Teaching English in Primary School

The Projects Episode 4: Teaching English in a Primary School

This English school's director, Mario, works to create a more integrated learning system, where the creativity of children is as celebrated as much as their academic achievements.

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