jour de la Mémoire pour la Vérité et la Justice à Buenos Aires

Le 24 mars, « jour de la Mémoire pour la Vérité et la Justice »

 Ce samedi 24 mars aura lieu la grande manifestation annuelle sur la célèbre place de mai de Buenos Aires en mémoire des nombreuses victimes disparues lors de la dictature militaire instaurée en Argentine durant les années 70.


Hannah (first on the right) and friends in Caminito

My First 3 Weeks Volunteering in Argentina

In the past 3 weeks I have met so many amazing people, the ones I live with, the ones I work with... each of them has helped me to feel more than welcome home.

Helena in the kindergarten

What Advice would you Give to Future Volunteers?

Volunteers Helena & Jule talk about their experience helping in one the kindergartens in Buenos Aires.

Hugging time!

5 Things that will Help you Become the Best Volunteer Ever

We see ourselves and our volunteers as community builders. Here's what we think we can all do in order to spread the word about the cause we believe in and work for.

Malvinas War Remembrance Monument in Rosario

April 2 in Argentina: Malvinas War Veterans Day

On April 2, 1982, Argentine troops landed on the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) in order to recover the sovereignty that in 1833 had been snatched by the British armed forces.

24 March Demonstrations

March 24: A National Call for Justice, Truth and Memory

On 24th March 1976, the armed forces took on power in Argentina, supported by large economic groups and a few sectors of civil society.

Joakim in his first day at the radio station

Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Joakim

Joakim Nilsen, 29-year-old from Norway, will be part of the Community Radio Broadcasting project for 4 weeks.

Hannah's first visit to the kindergarten

Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Hannah

Hannah Schiemann, 18-year-old from Germany, will be helping at the Early Childhood Development Centre for 12 weeks.



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