Overcoming Home Sickness While Living Abroad

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Moving away to a whole different country is kind of a big deal, especially when you're going alone. It's a challenge for anyone, even an experienced traveler.

For me, I made sure to bring my camera to capture epic vlogs of my time abroad. I love capturing the happiest moments of my time here so that I can have them for the future. The video editing process can be lengthy so it's a good way to occupy myself with something I love -we all know boredom can be killer! More so, I also brought my journal. I'm no bullet journaling expert but it's definitely helpful for when I want to write down ideas, thoughts, or even some reminders.

I think that everything combined has helped me with adjusting to life in Buenos Aires, but the biggest impact on helping my time here be absolutely amazing is the wonderful people I've met along the way. The organization I'm working for, Voluntario Global, is incredibly welcoming, I love that they make me feel like I'm a part of the family and they even created a group chat so that all the volunteers could have contact with each other. This past Saturday they were very thoughtful and invited me to the Pacheco Community Garden. It was inspiring to see the work being done across some of the other projects in Voluntario Global that I'm not really familiar with. More so, it was a great opportunity to learn about the specific neighborhood issues within the province. I like being able to feel like I'm included: FOMO be gone!                                                                                  

Lastly, my organization did an excellent job in selecting the proper living arrangements for me. Some of my pre-departure worries included how I was going to be able to meet people. I knew I wanted to explore and make friends and, although it was daunting at first, once I got to my hostel I realized that the atmosphere resembled that of Voluntario Global: warm and inviting. I've met amazing people to go on weekend excursions with and they're all kind of on the same boat as me. Some people are studying abroad and others are taking gap years. Regardless, they were also on mission to meet new people and make memories.

So far, I've visited beautiful places in Buenos Aires like the Japanese Gardens, the Plaza de Mayo, and more. Even better, two friends and I decided to utilize our day off to visit Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay which was incredible. I'm grateful because I think the work and social life balance with Voluntario Global is incredibly prioritized. I look forward for my days off of work because I know they'll be adventure filled, but I also don't dread Monday's because I actually love my job. I'm thankful for the memories I'm making here and I know that it'd be foolish if I let thoughts of homesickness disrupt my experience. A quick interruption from homesickness is fine, it's perfectly normal and good for my health to manage. However, I plan on bringing back souvenirs, pictures, and memories so there won't be any space in my carry-on for homesickness going forward -this is a goodbye I won't be thinking twice about.

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