Buenos Aires Demonstration from my Point of View

Written by Kristine Vaivode
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Demonstration in Buenos Aires Demonstration in Buenos Aires

I was invited to take part in one of the demonstrations that have been taking place in Buenos Aires – with an aim to impact the government's decision on pension cuts, tax changes, distortion of employee and other important changes that the government wants to save money on.

To me, the decisions that the congressmen and women of Argentina will make won’t create much difference in my life. I could just leave it like that and deal with the decisions from the people in power from my own continent, but it wouldn’t be me to not feel bundles of empathy and motivation towards people who are just trying to be heard.

On a humane level, I’m in this as much as every one of the thousands of demonstrators that took on the streets of the beautiful Buenos Aires. I felt the energy striving through the drumming, the chants, and the determined flag carriers despite the winds. I felt hope shining through the masses of people – all coming together to support their rights, to support HUMAN RIGHTS. I also saw a glimpse of fear, but then, right next to it, I saw the future – the youngest of the voices, who have it given, that standing up and speaking out for your rights is not a crime, but a vehicle towards creating change.

So marching through the crowds, winds and a few raindrops, alongside inspiring people from Voluntario Global, have definitely brought me closer to Buenos Aires and its people.

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