Costs to Volunteer & How to apply

Thigs to consider before applying:

  • Make sure you understand how we work and why you pay to volunteer.

  • You can fill in the Application Form anytime. Completing the form does not mean you are making a commitment with our organization. Dates can also be approximate, as we may suggest a change. If you have questions, you can always write an email to Jesica (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before completing the form. 

  • Once we receive your application, we will send you the best projects available according to your interests, level of spanish and dates.

  • Please bear in mind that we are not a service provider agency and we do not charge a registration fee. The following donations must be agreed and will be used to sustain the work of coordinators and The Voluntario Global Network of projects.

  • Accommodation with us is optional, if you don't need accommodation or prefer to find your own, please state so in the comments area of the application form.

Program length

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program + Accommodation (Hostel)*


US$ 370

US$ 540


US$ 400

US$ 655


US$ 430

US$ 770


US$ 460

US$ 885



US$ 999


US$ 520

US$ 1115


US$ 550

US$ 1230



US$ 1345


US$ 610

US$ 1460


US$ 640

US$ 1575

12 WEEKS***

US$ 670

US$ 1690

* Accommodation includes Shared Room (mixed room, up to 4 people) in Hostel in downtown Buenos Aires. NO MEALS INCLUDED.

*** Volunteers staying longer than 90 days, will only pay for accommodation after week 12th.

A few tips

  • All programs start on Monday with an introductory talk given by our Volunteer's Coordinator.

  • It important you consider that most educational projects remain close during our Summer Break, which goes from mid December till March. However, we will advise you on availability in case you choose these dates.

  • It is always useful to visit our Facebook Page so you get a better idea of what volunteers do at our projects.

  • Voluntario Global does a weekly follow-up of each volunteer and provides assistance from the moment you fill in the Application Form.

  • Our activities include social gatherings and monthly Volunteer Meetings.

How is my donation used?

After the bank, taxes and admin discounts (around 20%), we receive an amount in argentine peso which is used as shown below. Once you arrive in Argentina, you can ask your coordinator if you have more questions about how this is spent.

  • 40% Goes to the projects: 10% is assigned to the project you work for and 35% is saved and used according to major needs of the Network (Social Savings Fund), including the youth development center Pacheco Community.

  • 30% Goes to pay all coordinators for their work with volunteers and organizations.

  • 20% Is used to legally administrate and sustain the The Voluntario Global Network of Projects: this includes lawyers, paperwork, certifications, meetings, and to cover any urgent needs the projects might have.

  • 10% Used for Website maintenance.

Why donate to volunteer?

Voluntario Global is a non-profit organization (NGO) registered in Buenos Aires, Argentina under number 0000 515. We do not receive financial assistance from the Government, nor corporations. Therefore, our funds come directly from the volunteers who register in our programs. Donations are spent according to community needs under the strict supervision of our local coordinators.

Where does your money go?

Thanks to the volunteer's donations, we have been able to begin operating a Social Savings Fund. This has allowed to finance computers, books, and many necessary supplies to go on and grow our Network. In addition, we have also financed a home construction loan for a family that lives in Villa Soldati, the construction of a kindergarten in Barracas, in 2010, the opening of the Laundry Project in 2008, and the Pacheco Community Project, in 2014.

If you would like to make a donation or receive further information about this Fund, please contact our Founder, Valeria Gracia, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are there any options to help volunteers fund their program?

Yes, Omprakash offers a Grant Program, for which you can apply here:

You can also apply for an Erasmus programs in your country to volunteer abroad. Voluntario Global is registered as a partner organization with other European Youth Organizations.