Learn Spanish in Argentina

Why is it important to take Spanish classes?

Many reasons:

  • When you decide to make volunteer work in other country, you are thinking to help people and also looking for a real cultural and knowledge exchange. Each one has something to give to others. You will better understand all the meanings, if you talk yourself. The translation by others put you away from your own experience. You do not need a perfect Spanish but you need some words and expressions to feel immerse and completely enjoy the experience!
  • When you learn a new language, you learn the cultural expressions. This is almost as important as the words so you can start living the culture of another country.
  • If you speak Spanish you will be able to talk with almost 500 million people worldwide. It means, you can improve your work possibilities and have more opportunity to choose where you want to work. You will be able to reach all the information and all the people without intermediaries.
  • Spanish is the second language for international communication. Increasingly, latin culture has influence around the world through art, architecture, literature, society and politics.
  • Study abroad is the most effective and easy way to learn Spanish. The goal is a combination of Spanish classes (grammar and conversation) and living and sharing with the local people.

Where do we recommend to learn Spanish?

As and NGO, we promote responsibility and quality. We choose a school that offers:

  • Quality and experience in teaching Spanish.
  • Native teachers with permanent training.
  • Great variety of courses all the year.
  • The school belongs to Tandem Schools

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