Hugs are a Universal Language

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Volunteer reading in the kindergarten Volunteer reading in the kindergarten

For the last two weeks, one of Voluntario Global’s kindergarten projects has been blessed with the presence of our lovely volunteer from the UK, Ranj. Even though she was only with us for a short time, her sunny personality made a great impact on both her project and the other volunteers. The kindergarten is large, with classes split up by age groups; the youngest group being the under 2s. Even though Ranj's Spanish was limited, it was easy for her to help out in the class. After all, the children only want to play and occasionally need to be comforted. Hugs are a universal language!

Though she has done other volunteer work before, Ranj has said she was previously not a huge lover of children, but wanted to challenge herself. And what better challenge than helping the other two carers take on a room full of lively under 2s! There are generally around 15 children in the class, but due to their age they can be very demanding and so an extra pair of hands never goes amiss.

By the end of her two weeks in the kindergarten, Ranj's face lit up when talking about the children, and we even spotted her comforting one child with another in her arms... looks like her mind has been changed!

Thank you for all your help, Ranj, and good luck on your further travels.

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