Reviews from Past Volunteers

Reviews from Past Volunteers (175)

Volunteer Charlotte Skynner

Interview with Volunteer Charlotte Skynner

Charlotte, from the United Kingdom, volunteered in the Early Childhood Development Center in Buenos Aires.

Voluntario Global Ambassador Neil West

Voluntario Global Ambassador Neil West

I have been working in Health and Social Care for many years and recently took a career break to travel…

Volunteering: A Cultural Exchange

Volunteering: A Cultural Exchange

A number of Voluntario Global´s volunteers often are college exchange students, organised with The Ortega and Gasset Argentina foundation.

Volunteer Maddy on her fist day

Get to know Maddy, from the US

Maddy works once a week in the home for children as part of her Service Learning class in Buenos Aires

Volunteering at the Early childhood development center

Volunteering and Personal Development #1

When you volunteer, you help people by applying your skills and experiences...

Voluntario Global Ambassador Silke Arets

Voluntario Global Ambassador Silke Arets

I am about to start my Masters in International Humanitarian Action at the Rijksuniversiteit van Groningen in the Netherlands.

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