Social Justice Day

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On this day we highlight the importance of working collectively for a more equitable and socially just world.
Social justice is based on equal opportunities and human rights, beyond the traditional concept of legal justice. We live in a world plagued by inequalities and social injustices, on this day we demand that fundamental human rights be for all, not just for a few.
Social justice implies changes in our actions and constant reflection. From Voluntario Global we believe that working for social justice also implies an ethical position of how we relate to others, from a horizontal position that promotes opportunities and actions that promote the enforceability of rights.
For many years social justice has been related to economic inequalities and poverty, however, it is impossible to achieve a socially just world without real solutions in terms of sustainability, gender, housing, employment, and social inclusion. It is not an issue that can remain in the discursive, it is necessary to promote actions that generate a positive social movement on these issues.


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