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"Spoons of love"

Happiness is not tangible, but it can be perceived clearly and precisely. Although I find it really surprising that many seek a portion of happiness through material things. But do they not realize that it is always near you? The things that you only accumulate are blinding you in a very extravagant way, on the contrary, if you fill the spirit of shared happiness together with the people you love, it becomes the most delicious thing that you are storing.
We know and we are aware that time passes and passes so it will not stop in any way. For this reason, we must not waste it "leave nothing for tomorrow"; in some cases, it is represented in different ways, but it is present.
In my case, happiness is blooming like a rose in spring, I feel its little caresses like the summer wind sweetly and warmly. This is how I feel when I am with my loved ones. Every second with them becomes memorable and unforgettable.
Becoming the same as a treasure guarded by a dragon, there I realize the importance of happiness, although sometimes we think it fades away in the darkest moments of our lives. Yet it is always present in the hearts and memories of your loved ones.
The good thing is that we always have many people who care for us and strengthen us in the most difficult moments. Plants are also part of our lives and they know when we need a pinch of the energy of happiness, they relieve my body, they embrace me with their aroma, flowers fascinate me with their beautiful colors, having a wonderful colorful paradise.
Every time I appreciate my quarantine times, sometimes I meditate and imagine flying close to the high mountains like a condor does, spreading my wings, feeling the sun rays warming my feathers, looking down from the skies, and appreciating the landscapes. I enjoy cooking for my family, I never forget the essentials in my meals, I always add spoonfuls of love for them to eat and enjoy. The love in the food makes it more delicious, so I can fill their stomachs and hearts. It is the most delicious food that everyone shares with much happiness at my table.
I know that food prices are very high these days, but if we add love to food it will transform the most delicious thing you have ever tasted. What I mean is, let's try to enjoy the food with the family. It is not necessary to eat fancy food in the best restaurants to have a good time, but it is more than enough to try the taste of a stew made with a lot of love.
"So let's add love to everything, so that happiness will blossom in you"; while we're at it, let's show off its unforgettable flavor.


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