Young Leaders from Pacheco Reflect upon Argentinian History

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In a world driven by financial interests, where workers are nothing more than an expense, the rights that are not defended are lost. 

Last Saturday, commemorated 42 years of the "Noche de los lápices", our students and young leaders from Pacheco decided to share a community meal with the people from Peronismo 26 de Julio organization and then sat in a round of reflection on the place they occupied in the struggle for the liberation and the conquest of their rights.

We made a historical journey through May 25, the University Reform, The Night of Pencils, the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services, Equal Marriage, Gender and the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy to understand that these struggles are beyond our personal interest, and our rights are achieved by uniting strengths. We believe that the only way to defend what belongs to us is to understand history, that is why it is so important that the collective memory of what has been conquered is so important and also understand what remains to be conquered.

In a world driven by financial interests, where workers are nothing more than an expense, the rights that are not defended are lost. We understand that today we have to live difficult moments, and that we need to unite the strengths of all citizens and young leaders who do not want to get used to it and who struggle to transform the system that excludes the majority and enriches the few.


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