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Long Weekends from Buenos Aires

After about six weeks in Buenos Aires, I decided to take a break from the big city and head down…

jour de la Mémoire pour la Vérité et la Justice à Buenos Aires

Le 24 mars, « jour de la Mémoire pour la Vérité et la Justice »

 Ce samedi 24 mars aura lieu la grande manifestation annuelle sur la célèbre place de mai de Buenos Aires en…

24 March Demonstrations

March 24: A National Call for Justice, Truth and Memory

On 24th March 1976, the armed forces took on power in Argentina, supported by large economic groups and a few…

Buenos Aires

Best Travel Tips from 10 Years of Travel

Whether you are taking a trip to see family and friends for the holidays, or want to explore new countries…

View from Barolo

8 Tips for Safety In Large Cities

Safety in large cities in a common topic among groups and individuals who are traveling abroad. Volunteer trips can often…

Whales in Puerto Madryn

Observer les baleines et les pingouins à Puerto Madryn

Voici un petit guide explicatif sur Puerto Madryn. Comment y aller, quand y aller, quoi faire, où voir les baleines……

Volunteers around Buenos Aires

An Image of Buenos Aires Tourists Consume

The very first Argentinian food that I had after I arrived in Buenos Aires was an empanada, a hand-size pastry…

Volunteers visiting the ex ESMA

Histoire Argentine: Mémoire, vérité et justice

Le 24 mars est le Jour de la Mémoire, pour la Vérité et la Justice en Argentine. Il commémore le…

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