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Volunteers at La Boca

4 Best Things about Living with People from all over the World

“How do you say ‘my name is…’ in German?” “What do you call this drink in French?” “In Spanish do…

Independence Day

On 4th of July, my Facebook and Instagram newsfeed were flooded with pictures of my friends from back home at…

Yasmeen at the kindergarten

Seeing Both Sides of Buenos Aires

In any new city or country one goes to, the first instinct is always to Google for things to do,…

Plaza de Mayo from Cabildo

Tips for New Arrivals to Buenos Aires

Arriving in a new city can be daunting, especially if it's half way across the world and works around a…

Buenos Aires Architecture

Buenos Aires' Stories: Architectural Warfare

Buenos Aires is often described as a ´melting pot` of different styles, cultures and influences, and this is most obvious…

Recoleta in Buenos Aires

10 Things to do in Buenos Aires for Free

Want to experience the best of Buenos Aires whilst not blowing your meagre backpacker's budget? The city is full of…

18 ways to instantly recognize an Argentine traveler

18 ways to instantly recognize an Argentine traveler

1. We will suggest a song, and while you are listening to it, we will stand next to you explaining…

Bars in Palermo

Discovering Buenos Aires, Part I: Palermo

Palermo by night Obviously, Palermo is one of the parts of Buenos Aires, where people spend long nights out, as…

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