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The Importance of the Social Economy

The Importance of the Social Economy

The importance of the social economy in many community projects is often overlooked however, in this community radio project in…

Las Pibas are Taking over Argentine Youth

Las Pibas are Taking over Argentine Youth

Over the last few years, the feminist movement has seen a staggering resurgence all around the world. In Argentina, particularly…

Communication volunteer playing with kids

Ethical Photography Campaign

On Thursday Samuel, Tess and Celine were lucky enough to meet with our volunteers from the US to discuss Voluntario…

Joakim in his first day at the radio station

Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Joakim

Joakim Nilsen, 29-year-old from Norway, will be part of the Community Radio Broadcasting project for 4 weeks.

Première semaine de volontariat de Celine

Première semaine de volontariat à Buenos Aires

A peine arrivée à Buenos Aires, me voilà directement partie pour rencontrer l’équipe de l’association à leurs bureaux. Malgré mon…

Communications Team working

Communications Team in Review

This is our Communications Team in action! In this video, Kristine, Jackson and Katherine share their experience and advice to…

Dónde está Santiago?

Where is Santiago Maldonado? A month without news

After a month without news of Santiago Maldonado, the Argentine people left last Friday to the streets of the city…

Where is Santiago?

Santiago Maldonado: Missing

Last Friday was another important day in my personal experience here in Buenos Aires as a volunteer.

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