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Freiwilligenarbeit mit Kindern in Buenos Aires

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Christine Kerschl, aus Deutschland, berichtet über ihre Erfahrungen bei Voluntario Global und erzählt etwas über das Projekt in dem sie als Freiwillige gearbeitet hat.

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Racism hasn’t Ended in South America, It has Grown

With the recent political manifestations in Bolivia that have polarized the country into two different bands, the ones that support and don’t support Evo Morales, racism between indigenous and non indigenous people has come to light in the country. Here’s a reflexion about this issue that can help us reflect about the ongoing racism towards our tribes and the indigenous people of our continent. 


It's NOT a Resignation, it's a Coup!

After learning about the coup d’etat against president Evo Morales, the social organizations of Argentina stand up to defend democracy and peace in our continent.  Voluntario Global and Pacheco Community marched in solidarity with the Bolivian people who have worked hard to build a sovereign country based on social justice.

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In Voluntario Global's latest volunteers meeting we gathered around a table filled with snacks and mate to spend the afternoon and get to know each other, while discussing social and political topics and trying to figure out solutions to different problems that we now face within our society.

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In this interview, Volunteer Ambassador Neil West tells us about his experience in Buenos Aires volunteering, for a second time, with Voluntario Global.

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This week at Pacheco Community we talked about food and how it builds our notion of culture.

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At Pacheco Community, our students gather every week to reflect upon real situations from our society.

Communauté Pacheco: Remise de diplômes 2019

Les premières civilisations pratiquaient l’agriculture en se basant sur le temps pour travailler en harmonie avec la nature.


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