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Kindergarten fundraising Kindergarten fundraising

Thanks to all the support and donations received, we were finally able to help the Kindergarten stay open!

Upon receiving the wonderful news, we visited the kindergarten to talk to the teachers and coordinator, Liliana.

The children and teachers welcomed us with open arms. Not long ago, we had started a fundraising campaign to help them stay open for the children to keep attending classes. As the kindergarten is not financially assisted by the government, all efforts from our Network of Organizations, family and friends of the kindergarten are profoundly appreciated by the workers, the kids and their parents.  

We spent some time working together with the teachers and children on a poster and a thank you message for all the volunteers and people who have donated to this project. We wrote the headline: "Thanks for saving the kindergarten" on the poster to send our appreciation and respect to all of those who helped the kindergarten to keep staying strong.

Thank you, everyone!




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